2 sets of tires go wuuuuu

Volvo V70 wagon 98,000K. Old tires were getting noisy, mechanic said time for new ones. Purchased Eagle GT’s (& had 4-wheel alignment) which were so loud I felt like I was in a turbo prop airplane. Had tire store replace those - & I paid thru the nose - for GY ComfortAssurance Tread. Still noisy, wuuu sound increases with speed. Way louder than original(old Firestone) tires. Also I swear car is now out of alignment, pulls to the right within 2 seconds of letting go of the wheel. Friend rode in car yesterday and remarked on how loud the tires were, so I don’t think it’s just me. Any suggestions? Are Goodyear tires just not good on Volvo’s? Or is there something else that can make that sound? Wish I could just get my old worn out ones back right now…(well, not really but I do need to find out what the issue is, tire store thinks I’m nuts).

Have the wheel bearings looked into.