Changing tire size for VW Golf TDI

Hi, I hope someone out there can help me. I want to buy a VW Golf TDI and test drove one the other day. Problem is, it’s got thin tires (17-inchers) which I don’t like. The TDI only comes with 17 inchers and the regular gas Golf comes with 16 inchers so I know the car can take them structurally but not sure about the particular computer adjustments, etc. I will admit that part of my dislike is the association with what I call “ghetto” tires - no offense intended against anyone. I told the salesman I worked long and hard to get out from where I came from, and I didn’t want to “go” back there with those tires. The salesman said if I swapped out tires, it would alter the speed readings and “something else” which he didn’t remember. Can anyone out there provide any wisdom? I like the TDI but I don’t want those tires. The following options: 1. Convince me that those 17 inch tires are technically superior to the 16 inchers 2. Buy a different car with 16 inchers. 3. Buy the car and buy aftermarket rims/tires to my taste. Thanks to all in advance.

You can buy a wheel and tire combination with the same rolling radius, as long as the brakes are the same and the 16 inchers will clear. and both have calculators to determine what size you’ll need.

the biggest problem would be clearing the brake calipers

Thanks to you both, I will check it out and post another question if needed. Regards.

I heard that too when a few years ago I was shopping another brand with a choice of 14 or 15 inch wheels. I wanted the 14s but the car had other options that I wanted that included the 15 inch tires. I asked the salesman if I could swap out the 15s for the 14s after delivery. He said that it would make the speedometer inaccurate. He was totally wrong as both tires had the same circumference and so that provided yet another reason to give car salesmen a bad reputation.

Google “Miata Tire Size Calculator” scroll down, and then check to see if your choices have the same diameter or the same revolutions per mile. Within 1% should be OK. Who can say that an optional size makes a more or less accurate speedo or odo than the original if there is a slight difference?

OK nice site, much obliged. I have the stock tire size as 17 and the desired tire as 16. However, I don’t know the other two measurements. How do I get those? Thanks in advance. Sorry to seem ignorant, but in this subject, I am!

I think it’s 205/55x16, which is very close to the 17s. No problem changing them, I’d bet, they typically don’t mess with bigger brakes except for something like the GTI.

And there should be plenty of folks wanting to trade for the bigger wheels, don’t you pay anything.