'98 Volvo V70 XC and '94 Suburu Outback

I have had a problem with both cars all wheel drive systems. When turning a tight radius while parking, u-turns, etc the car (now the volvo) make a grumbling sound. It sounds like the wheels are skipping on the ground. Is this common with all wheel drive cars and is there a way to remedy it?

Its typically only a problem if you replace tires one at a time(flat) or in pairs. Especially a problem if you use a different make/model of tire.

Basically the four tires should be same/make/model and approximate wear. Otherwise you stress out the center differential(component of AWD) which eventually leads to your problem. Not sure on Volvo but on Subaru the circumference of tire must be within 1/4" of the average of three other tires.

Torque bind perhaps?