Deceleration noise

My car is making a loud deceleration noise evertime I let off of the accelerator. It appears the RPMS are not adjusting. Could this be my transmission, timing or something else?

What do you mean with 'the RPMS are not adjusting"? Is your tachometer (the one next to your speedo, indicating engine speed) decreasing?

And can you better describe "deceleration noise?

And tell us the car’s year, make, model, mileage, engine, how long you’ve owned it, how well you’ve maintained it, and if it has any modifications.

The RPM tach does not seem to be adjusting in tune with the Speed when I slow down. I’m not sure how high it is supposed to go in th efirst place, if I get to 60 it rides at 1.5 and does not make any noise but when I decelerate, or even lighten my foot a slight bit off of the accelerator, a loud deceleration sound starts and the car will slow down fine, but it’s noisey. if I put the slightest pressure back on the acelerator, the noise stops.

Well, y’know, Studebakers all did that…
C’mon, man, give us aomething to work with. Answer my questions.

uh-funny. Didn’t see your response. It’s a 2002 lincoln continental LS CE. 150,k miles, V8 bought in 2006 and well maintained since. has always been hard on wheel bearrings. New ball joints 2-yrs ago. New wheels. New Micheline tires last winter. I took it for another ride. It is an automatic but does not seem to be down shifting correctly. The noise goes away once it gets down to 30 mph or below.

Don’t feel bad about the wheel bearings. Manufacturers have all gone to ball bearings now becauseof the lower rolling resistance, instead of roller bearings, and they just don’t hold up as well as the old roller bearings did. I just put new front ones in my car, and have the rears in the back of the car ready to put in.

Youre tranny has a lockup clutch to prevent slippage during cruising. It sounds to me like the lockup clutch is not disengaging properly.

Have you had the tranny serviced? Have you checked the tranny fluid level recently? The directions are in your owner’s manual.

Post back. We do care.

I will look at the manual regarding that. I will have the fluid checked. Never had it serviced for any problems. Had had regular fluid level checks. Speaking of cruising, there is no problem when I put it in the cruise mode or is that 2-different things?

“Never had it serviced for any problems. Had had regular fluid level checks”

Unfortunately, simply checking the fluid and waiting for a problem to arise before doing any servicing is not enough to keep an automatic trans running properly. Even if most mfr’s maintenance schedules no longer list this service, you really need to have the trans fluid (and filter, if so equipped) changed every 3 years or 30k miles, whichever comes first.

By my calculations, you should have had the fluid changed 5 times so far, so if you have not had this done, then it is not very surprising that the trans might be acting-up at this point. While it will be sort of a Hail Mary Pass, you should really get the trans fluid changed at this point, along with the filter. It might not save this neglected transmission, but it is worth a shot.

And, for the future, please bear in mind that car mfrs want to be able to report the least required maintenance to sites such as, so that people will buy these supposedly “low-maintenance” vehicles. Unfortunately, by the time that the consequences of this mfr-driven low-maintenance schedule become apparent, the warranty is over.

Yes, the car mfrs know that they are unlikely to have to pay for engine and trans repairs during the warranty period with their false low-maintenance claims, but then the consumer winds up with a big drain on his/her wallet because they trusted that their car required very little maintenance.

No car ever suffered because it was maintained better than the mfr specified, and the beneficiary of maintaining a car better than is specified is the consumer. Don’t believe the low-maintenance claims listed in your Owner’s Manual!

Well I checked the trans fluid and it was low 1qt. So fixed that, but still having the same problem. Looks like the transmission specialist mechanic visit is next. I appreciate all of the suggestions and will update after the visit today!