Loud roaring noise

Hello I’m new to this does anyone know what could be causing a loud roaring noise when accelerating. I’m thinking it may be in the transmission but not for sure.1st I thought it was a CV joint going bad. Also acts like it’s in 2nd gear. Any suggestions?

Well? before even hazarding a guess, the Year/Make/Model/Mileage would be helpful.


Does your car have a tachometer?
If it does, are the RPMs at a given speed higher than they used to be at that same speed?
If so, then you may be experiencing transmission slippage (if your car has an automatic trans) or clutch slippage (if your car has a manual trans).

If the car has an automatic transmission, you can verify your theory that the car might be hung up in second gear by getting the car up to about 35 mph, and then downshifting from Drive to second gear. Does anything change at that point?

If the trans does downshift to second gear at that point, then perhaps you are hearing the noise from a broken exhaust pipe or a cracked exhaust manifold.

Can you fill in the blanks regarding the make, model, model year, and odometer mileage of your mystery vehicle, along with details regarding the type of transmission that it has?

2006 Malibu Maxx SS , 97,000 miles

If your Chevy has an automatic transmission and the fluid/filter have never been changed, after 9-10 years and 97k miles, the trans could be dying as a result of lax maintenance. Even if it isn’t specified in the Owner’s Manual, that service needs to be done every 3 years/30k miles in order to keep the trans in good condition.

So, this car should have had its transmission serviced at least 3 times so far.
How often has the trans fluid been changed?

If you could post an audio that would be a great help as well.

And in addition to answering the excellent questions that have already been asked, have you tried revving the engine while stopped, and if so does it roar then too? If it does, that would eliminate the tranny and entire drivetrain as possible candidates and the focus could then be on the engine and exhaust system.

Agree with @“the same mountainbike” We need to determine whether it is a leaky exhaust roar or a high revving engine roar. An audio post would be a tremendous help.