Noise During Deceleration

So, I’m minding my own business pulling out of Starbucks with my gingerbread latte, making a nice and easy right turn when I hear “clunk” (“pop” maybe??). Huh, that’s weird - hope that wasn’t me. Yeah, well - it was me, because now I hear a scraping/whirring sound on deceleration only (once I get past say 30-40 miles per hour). NOT brake related at all, occurs only when I let up on the accelerator. My baby is a 2000 Ford Taurus with 238,000 (yep, you read that right). I’m thinking transmission (and, I really want to be wrong). I’ve had the transmission flushed every 30,000 miles and serviced at 150,000 per Ford’s maintenance schedule. I have taken very good care of my vehicle, but I do put a lot of miles on it every day as I drive 120 miles round trip to work 5 days a week.

What say you fellow Car Talkers?? Expensive transmission or something that won’t ruin my Christmas?

You’ll have to give a little more info.

You say the sound was only once…once period and since then it’s been fine…or once every time you decelerate.

Is the sound coming from the rear, the front, the left front, the middle of the car?

Is the CEL light on and are you having any other problems.

My first thought is a vacuum line.


Hi Yosemite,

The sound occurs every time I decelerate (after I reach 30-45 mph). It sounds like it’s coming from the front, in general (not on one side or the other). No lights on the dash, and no other problems.

Engine mount? You need enough drag on the engine (35-40 mph deccel) through the transmission to make the noise, engine mount or maybe exhaust heat shield is loose. You need to get her up on a hoist so the mechanic can look around. Likely inexpensive, but I can’t guarantee.

OK, here’s one of my longshots. I’m wondering if the original clunk/pop might have been a motor mount breaking and the scraping/whirring might be a belt or belt driven accessory rubbing on something due to the engine shifting when decelerating.

Thanks Mustangman and My 2 Cents! I’m taking her in tomorrow a.m., and will make sure and mention engine/motor mounts. I will update in the evening after I get the scoop.

Well, it’s the transmission :frowning: Thanks again to everyone for commenting. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

There’s some controversy among the experts here about the relative benefits of flushing vs. a proper service (dropping the pan, replacing the filter). I think the consensus is that while the former offers benefits at a lower price, the latter does a better job overall. It might be more economical in the long run for you to do the latter a little more often than once every 150K. I mean once you get your currently dodgy transmission repaired. Still 150K 238 K on an automatic is doing pretty good. Best of luck.

Thanks GeorgeSanJose :slight_smile: That sounds like a smart approach for my new transmission!