Makes noise when decelerating

  My engine (or is it my transmission?) makes a noise when I put my foot off the accelerator; it doesn't happen when I'm acclerating. Anyone have any ideas what the deal is? Thanks!

Can you describe the noise?
What is the model year of your Versa, how many miles are on the odometer, and does it have an automatic transmission or a manual shift?

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Nissan Versas have a tendency for their automatic (you didn’t say) transmissions to fail early. If you have 90K miles or more (you didn’t say) and the transmission oil has never been changed your transmission is pretty likely the problem. They are very expensive to fix - $5000 or so.

It is always better to describe your car, its equipment - transmission, engine ect, its mileage, any warning lights and recent service and as good a description of what the noise is like, when it occurs and when it started for us to better help you. But you should know that since you’ve been here since '09


We’re still waiting for the OP to disclose more details regarding his car, but I suspect that you are correct.

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Sorry for my lack of providing enough info. But it’s a 2003 Versa SV with 90,000 miles, has had one transmission fluid change. I change the engine oil at required regular intervals. The transmission shifts into its appropriate gears (best I can tell) as it always has. If it is the transmission can I - or should I - wait until it starts to shift irregularly or am I risking getting stuck somewhere in an inappropriate gear? Thanks again.

You still haven’t described the noise.

Any warning lights glowing on the dash?

No warning lights. It’s a whirring noise. (best I can probably describe it)

IMO, you are risking getting stuck if the trans suddenly fails.
In other words, stranded.

My suggestion is to go to a local independent transmission shop–NOT a chain-run joint like Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO, and ask them to assess the condition of the transmission.

If they say that it is good, you’re overdue for another trans fluid change anyway, so you can have that done if they give the trans a clean bill of health. If they say that the trans is failing, get an overhaul/replacement estimate from them, and then think long and hard about whether you want to sink that amount of money into a 21 year old car.

That sounds more like a transmission (or later in the drivetrain) problem. One thing you might be able to do (or ask a shop) is take a look at the condition of the CV boots. Are any of them leaking grease, split?

There’s a possibility the sound is coming from the exhaust system. Any indications of that being the source? Can you make the sound occur just rev’ing the engine in the driveway? Or do you have to be moving? If you have to be moving, any change to the sound when you shift from D to N? Exhaust system sound while decelerating are often described as “gurgling”.

Make sure the engine & trans fluid level is correct of course.

@Keith-Al. Don’t jump to any conclusions about the health of your tranny. One the basis of you hearing a “whirring noise” on decel, no one can really say anything.

That said, look at @VDCdriver 's comment - check your owners manual. You very well might be overdue (or due) for transmission service. So, regardless of the source of the noise, do take it to a local, independent, tranny shop. Have them drive it and service it if it’s due. Even if it’s all not relevant to the whirring noise, it’s still just as basic a maintenance item as having the engine oil changed.

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Take it for a drive when there aren’t many others on the road. Drop it into neutral when moving at a speed that you would normally encounter the whirring noise. Does it still make it? If so, it probably isn’t the transmission.