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Dealerships open on Sunday

Is there a list of auto dealers that are open on Sunday? By state, by county? I live in NJ and know that Manhattan dealerships are open, but it seems that dealers in the Nyack area are not. I’d really like to be able to shop on Sunday. Seems like it should be easy to find a general list out there. Thanks…

I can’t really say right off hand if there is a site that lists sunday dealerships, but if you have a brand in mind, go to their website and look for local dealerships and visit the dealer websites to see what their hours are.

Have you ever heard the story about not buying a car that was made on certain days of the week or before a holiday? probably some truth in it. Now I will tell you something with some truth in it,mechanics hate working Sunday,plenty hate working Saturday,do you want a guy who is angry about being at work to work on your car?

Sure there will be mechanics that say working Sunday is just great,I don’t know one.Saturday and Sunday mechanics are a pretty grumpy bunch.

It sounds like the OP wants to shop for cars, not get one serviced.

My mistake,I am in to that knee jerk reaction when I hear weekend work. If they do deliver cars on Sunday some type of service help is there. Don’t get me wrong if the moneys there so am I but I don’t come in on Sunday for warranty work.