Getting OEM parts from a local dealership, how long is the wait (typically.)

Let’s say its’ a Honda dealership, let’s say the parts needed are a wheel bearing, or perhaps a strut bearing, or perhaps a strut bolt (and the accompanying nut) and perhaps a washer for that rebuilding that strut. So, the point is we’re not referring to common maintenance parts like oil filter and wiper blades, etc.

I don’t fully understand how their parts network work but If I needed something like the above, can it be gotten the same day? Typically, how long does it take?

Don’t you think that the dealer parts department can give a better answer to that question where ever you are . Those parts can be purchased from almost any parts store or even over the web.

For some lower volume cars, the dealership is the only option for things like strut bolts or bearings. The dealerships parts department are all closed today (on a Sunday.) I need a strut bearing urgently, and so I figure if the local dealership can have the part available for me the same day then I’ll just pick it up but if it has to be shipped to them, then I’ll order online directly.

Low volume parts are usually at a regional warehouse and are shipped to the dealer when needed. Many years ago my son’s Jeep needed a new master/slave clutch cylinder. Very fun but expensive off road incident. The local dealer had the part shipped from the west coast to Pittsburgh in a few days. Other more common parts are on the shelf.

How lucky do you feel? The dealer may or may not have it.

The parts you listed aren’t made by the manufacturer.

They’re supplied to the manufacturer by a vendor.

So dealer calls the local parts store and orders said part.

When the parts truck drops off the part, the dealer takes the part and puts into a bag/box with the manufacturers logo, and then calls you.

Usually less than a day.


The dealer may have the strut bearing in stock, if not most dealers receive a warehouse orders each morning. Orders placed before 3 PM will arrive the next morning.

The dealer can also view other dealers inventory though the manufactures pasts system, they should be able to direct you to a local dealer if one has the part in stock.

Less than a day?

Good, good. My plan is order it first thing in the morning and hopefully it’ll be ready by afternoon. The rush is because my car is parked on the public streets, I don’t have the time to let it sit there gathering parking tickets.

Less than a day maybe. Are you going to do the work yourself on the street ? Don’t you have towing on your vehicle insurance so you can have it put some place better to work on this . If you are having it done then you don’t want to furnish the parts because the shop does not have to warranty the parts.

Back when I had a Suzuki Swift GTi, in the late 80s, the answer was very indeterminate. Usually weeks, once they got permission to take parts off a new car to use on my car (still under warranty).

Yes, I’m a DIY hobbyist, it’s going to be done right on the street. I don’t have a garage or a house :frowning:

If I had a garage, I would tinkerer with the car all the time. As it is, this is not possible.

Well if you need it that bad, why not just try NAPA or give them a call. I’ve gotten stuff the next day from them from the warehouse or even just drove to the warehouse to pick it up.

I never ordered any Acura parts but I have had to wait one or two weeks for parts to come in depending on whether it was in the warehouse. Same with GM for a consumer. If it is in the warehouse, next day or two but if not, like I said I had to wait a month for wiper blades coming from the main warehouse.

Dealers maybe have got better supply lines as suggested but certainly having the dealer source it will get it faster than just you.

Wait… what? It’s on the street now, waiting. Where’s it going after it’s not on the street waiting? Why can’t it wait there?

Oh, and about parts availability…
I’ve manage several departments at dealerships. The time to consider parts availability is prior to purchase of a new or used vehicle. Stay away from oddball brands and models and brands and models not represented by a vast dealer network, but rather consider makes/models that have several dealers nearby, preferably larger, higher volume ones.
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GM could get me parts not in stock within 2 days.

Really depends on how far they need to go to get it, if it’s in the regional warehouse it might not take more than a day but if it’s across the country you’re going to wait. My uncle turned up on the doorstep of a VW dealer in Oak HarborWA (Whidbey Island) that had the part to get his Eurovan back on the road ($5,000 transmission still in the crate from germany) that the customer who ordered it ended up breaking down far from home and selling the van. The dealer cut them a fair deal and had the van back in service 2 days later. They were about 400 mi from home.

Then why are you wasting time here. Call the damn dealer for heavens sake. You want the quickest way possible and yet you turn to an Internet forum instead of just making a phone call. I’m glad you’re not working on any of my cars.

In my state new car dealers are closed on Sundays. Do you work Sundays?

What does that matter? If the dealer is closed on Sundays it’s a moot point any ways. Call Monday. Still get a quicker , more accurate answer then an Internet forum.

Is this a question that you can’t answer on Sunday? The dealer parts delivery network has been the same for years.

Unless I missed it Kenny did not say what the vehicle was , did not say where they are located and did not even give a clear description of what parts he needed .
The time he spent here asking a question that no one could actually answer he could have checked online parts suppliers .
Some how trying to do this on the street sounds unsafe or at least someone may call the police because they may think he is trying to steal some thing.

In my experience, it has always been either the next day, or–at most–3 days for dealer parts to arrive.