2008 Saab 9-3 - Need a mechanic

Need a new mechanic in the Elizabeth Nj area.

Google is your friend - it will show you plenty of vehicle repair shops with reviews .

Google is indeed the place to start. Here are more details if you need them. Car Talk’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Mechanic in 2023 - Car Talk

Have you posted this question on Saab forums?

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You need this site…

Good luck, we traded our Saab 5 years ago because the growing problem of parts and service availability.


There used to be a Saab specialist on Morning Glory Road, in Warren, NJ, but they took down their Saab sign several years ago. Probably not too many Saabs still in need of service nowadays…

But, in case the OP is interested in venturing that far, he might want to check out that shop. I don’t know its name, unfortunately, but it might be listed under “Foreign Car Mechanics”.

Edited to add:
I found it!
82 Morning Glory Road

The Yelp reviews are mixed, and vary between mostly very positive and a few negative ones that talk about the owner’s grumpy nature:

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