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Dead Stereo in 2003 Honda S2000

Howdy all.

The stereo in my 2003 Honda S2000 died while I was playing a cd (yes, I’m a dinosaur). I replaced the fuse even though the old one didn’t appear burned out. Nothing.

The little flashing red “anti-theft” light is the only thing that continues to work.

Any ideas?

Yup, time to replace the radio.

There is probably a numeric code you need to key in on its buttons to get it to play. I would leave its fuse out for a while, then reinstall, then enter the code. Cross fingers at each step. If that doesn’t work, a new or known good radio of the same model is the easiest way to go and presents the fewest aggravations. You’ll need the code for the new radio, too.

Good luck and please keep us informed.

The radio code on this car needs to be entered if you change the battery… or if the radio loses power. If you were listening to a cd and it lost the security code, there is a problem with the radio or the wiring. If the security code needs to be keyed in to use the radio this time, it will happen again.

I had to contact Honda to ge the code for my S2000 as the previous owner had not written it down.

I think there are replacement radios that can be configured to use the dash buttons to the left of the wheel.