2003 Toytoa Sienna - Radio


The radio/cd player just stopped working. How can we tell if the radio is faulty or it is something else.



Has the battery been disconnected or changed recently? If it has you may need to put in the security code before things work properly. They should have given you the code when you bought the van. It is not in the owners manual, unless you wrote it in there like me, as it is meant to deter people from stealing the radio.


I’m assuming this is the same Sienna with the rear door that won’t open. Did both of these problems occur around the same time? I’m wondering if you’ve checked your fuse box.


No, the battery has not been disconnected. It was working one day on a trip and the next day it stopped working. I have checked the fuses from the fuse box underneath the hood and the fuses inside the van behind the flip down drawer by the driver’s left knee.

All appear to be fine. I have read somewhere if the clock is working, which it is, it is an indication that is within the radio itself.

Any comments or suggestions? Thanks