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CD in my Honda 2001

6 Disc CD in Honda 2001 suddenly started making noise-showed Err - then couldn’t eject CD or change any of them. Any suggestions as to what to try before taking to a shop?

Disconnect the fuse to the radio and plug back in. Sometimes this will reset the entire player in an error condition.

Keep in mind if you have a security code that you need to reenter it if you disconnect the power.

since I am an elderly lady - no way I can figure how to do that, but will see if I can find someone - hope this will work - will let u know. H

It would be nice if there was an easy solution that involved a screwdriver or an air hose but you will probably end up taking it to a stereo shop. They can sell you a “better” one if yours can’t be fixed. Try ejecting with the key in the on position without the engine running, and with it running.