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Daytime running lights

My Dodge dealers say they cannot turn on the daytime running lights on the 2010 models.

They say it can only be shipped that way from the factory.

A friend looked in his Alldata manual and it says to use a diagnostic scan tool and program the TIPM as required.

So, it appears it is a field programable feature yet on this model.

I have had 2 previous Dodge vans and they were able to turn the drls on. They gave me a hassle about doing it but did it and it worked fine.

Any ideas on where to get help with this?


Do you mean turn them  [b] on[/b] or turn them[b] off[/b].   I believe they are all suppose to be on by default.

Joseph, I Believe That Spicyherb Has No Working DRLs On His Caravan, But Wants To Activate This Latent Feature, As He Did With Dealer Reprogramming Help On Two Previously Owned Vans.


That is correct. It seems that Chrysler ships these Caravans to New York with the DRLs turned off. On earlier years, the dealer could simply turn them on when requested. With the 2010s they say they can no longer do this. I want them on.

Doesn’t the headlight switch work?

When I want DRLs I turn them on manually. Works every time.

Did You Search This ? Look This Challenger Blog Over And See If Anything Here Is Helpful To You. I Couldn’t Find Caravan Specific Information.


The DRL that we have connects the high beam filaments in series so they are not as bright and therefore not as irritating to oncoming traffic and will then last much longer than if they were run at full voltage. I would guess that dims are used more of the time so the high beam filaments are used for DRL to somewhat equalize the high and low beam filament lifespan.

I kinda don’t get it, are you wanting the DRL’s to work at a time other than (or in addition to) the time Dodge wants them to work?

I would give a second or third Dealer a call or perhaps an independant garage with a up to date scanner can help.

Oldschool, Spicyherb Says The Van’s Got The DRL Feature Designed Into It Somewhere, I Guess Likely In The BCM, But The Van At This Time Has No Functioning DRLs At All. Spicyherb Wants The Dealer To Activate Them.