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Yaris headlights

I have just bought a 2008 Yaris sedan. So far I find it to be okay, however There is one minor thing I’m not too happy about. THat the headlights don’t come on when the ignition is turned on. I found this to be an advantage on my Matrix. Is there any way that one can have the car wired to have the lights come on?

Is there a car made today that doesn’t have DRL (Daytime Running Lights)? DRL turn the headlights on low power during the day. Instructions for turning the DRL on, or off, are in the Owner’s Handbook.

DRLs are an option on newer Toyotas. I know this because a friend recently bought a 2008 RAV-4, and the DRLs were an option.

Because they are an option, the dealership can likely just plug in the appropriate, off-the-shelf Toyota component in order to convert the system to DRLs. Since the OP has a new vehicle, he/she should have the dealership do the work in order to avoid a later situtation of, “some mechanic screwed up the wiring”.

Dealerships have been known to disallow certain warranty claims if the car’s wiring was worked on by an independent mechanic. No, the independent mechanic is not likely to screw anything up, but why give the dealership any excuse to disallow the warranty at a later date?

Just reach over and turn on your lights. A new habit to develop, but you’ll accomplish your goal.

Our 2006 Sienna is set that the headlights can be left on all the time. The headlights turn off a minute or so after the keys are removed from the ignition. I prefer the normal DRL system on my 2000 Blazer.

Ed B.

If you don’t have daytime running lights, I would just turn them on and off manually.

I dont find the point on DRL system why would you like to have the light on during the day can someone explain the advantage of that please

VISIBILITY, much like a motorcycle needs the headlamp on to be seen by others, cars with lights on are more visible. I manualy turn the headlights on when I’m on the interstate and have found it makes a definite differens in the space others give me when changing lanes in front of me. Without lights on, they damn near cut me off with a near collision at 75mph ! My dirty black truck almost disappears in their mirrors against the black top background of the hiway. “Lights on” makes a difference for me.

I think that the reason that DRLs are so common as an option in the US and can be enabled with a plug-in module is that that DRLs have been required in our great neighbor to the North since 1990, IIRC.

Yes, you can buy a device that turns on the headlights, when you start the car. Or, you could just turn on the headlights when you start the car. That’s what I do.