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Daytime Running Lights

Can the daytime running lights be disengaged on the 2011 Toyota Sienna

Why? They’re proven to improve safety.

I am a private investigator, and sitting on surveillance with the engine running, the day time running lights brings unwanted attention to my vehicle. I am in the process of buying a new vehicle, and the Toyota is in the running if these can be disengaged. I have a Honda Odyssey now and can just remove the fuse.

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You may need a new switch. It will vary depending on the make and year of car. In my case all I had to do was to unplug the OEM US type switch with a Euro-design switch and I have the option to turn on or off. The only reason I did the switch was to activate my fog lights, that I do use. I very seldom kill the DLR’s.

I understand the disabling the DLR's is illegal in some states.

Try These guys modify everything Toyo.

Some cars turn the DRLs off when you set the parking brake.

I seriously doubt that disabling DRLs is illegal but possibly some states require the lights to be on in the daytime. We have two cars, an 08 and an 09 that permit the driver to switch off the lights. The lights come on automatically on engine start so I need to switch them off when I start the engine. Freeway travel during the daytime in clear weather does not require the lights, in my opinion.

Yes, try the parking brake to switch the light off. Our 97 GM car that we traded would switch the lights off when the parking brake, a hand lever between the front seats, was pulled to the first notch so this is how I drove much of the time to get the DRL off.

DRLs are very necessary for a motorcycle.

I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix. Work at least one night a week, which means coming home late. I used to live in a situation where the headlights hit my neighbors bedroom window. Not good at 1:00 am and you can’t turn the headlights off. I asked the dealer and found out that if you lift the hand brake one (1) notch you will be able to control the headlights manually, without affecting the rear brakes.

Frankly I’m not surprised someone asked “Why…as DRL are safer”. This illustrates an attitude whereby everyone should abide by government mandates whether the situation warrants it or not.

I’m an active member of an astronomy club and nothing ends a night of star gazing/photography as quickly as some idiot starting her car with automatic DRL or headlights and illuminating several dozen telescopes and cameras in action.

As I’m in the market for a new truck, one criteria I insist upon is absolute control of all vehicle lighting systems.

I’m looking for a used car 2008 or 2009 which HAS the feature that the headlights - not daytime running lights, but headlights come on when you turn the car on a go off a few minutes after the engine is turned off. Does anyone know which cars offer this feature.

Quite a few do - especially if you simply leave the headlights in the “on” position. Our 2010 Mazda6 (should be identical to the 09s) does this - we just leave the headlights on all the time, and they turn themselves off automatically 30 seconds after you shut off the car…

Rig a simple toggle switch to break the headlamp circuit. When you begin to drive, flip the switch for normal headlamps.
Put the switch anywhere you like and remember the uniqueness of this feature if anyone else need to drive your car.