Daytime running lights on 2008 sienna

does anyone know if they can be turned off- is there a switch

I doubt it. Why do you want to turn them off?

at night sometimes like driving through Christmas light shows they usually want you to drive through with them off.

Depending on the car sometimes they will go off if you apply the parking brake. You can often apply the brake light enough that it would not cause a problem for Christmas lights, but I would not recommend driving that way for long.

In my car I was able to buy a Euro switch to replace the NA light switch and that allows me to drive with just parking lights with or without fog lights.

Its illegal and possibly dangerous to drive after sunset with your lights off, especially when you forget.

One thing to note is that day time running lights are typically not the full brightness when the headlight switch is turned on.

I agree with Andrew. This is dangerous and you should not be doing it. Some other driver distracted by the Xmas light display and whose eyes are adjusted to the bright lights just may not see you with your lights off and you just may have an accident.

Is it worth this? I think not. The other driver may think not also. And I’m sure when the cop that works the accident site hears the story and cites you for driving at night without lights he’ll think not also. As will your insurance when they realize the citation, charge you with the accident, and raise your rates.