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Daughter's New Ride

The daughter came up to visit over the weekend in her new ride. The ride she got is dead on identical to this one. I was in love at first sight and even more so when she said take her for a spin and hammer it. She said she can’t move without everyone gawking, giving thumbs up, or asking questions about it.
That Sublime Green Pearl is not at all subtle…

Neat. No problem finding that one in the parking lot.

Wow, those cars are a blast. I don’t care for the limited visibility but they are fun to drive.

Hemi? How does it corner?

@asemaster, that is her one complaint; rear vision due to the C pillars. However, it has a large center display with a backup camera that works very well with a broad rear view. It’s heavily optioned and the handling is actually very good. Probably due to the fat 20" tires and the sheer weight and yep, it’s a Hemi.

The picture doesn’t even do it justice. Standing next to it the car is almost blinding. She says that whenever she exits or enters the garage the door tracks on both sides start glowing completely green.

When I drove it everybody I passed stopped what they were doing and either stared or waved.

My only complaint about it is the seats. I think forms were made and filled with Gunnite.


My only complaint about it is the seats. I think forms were made and filled with Gunnite.

Well, it is a young man’s (or woman’s) car…

I love the look of the new Challenger. It has the cleanest lines of any car model since the original Challenger.

Nice car! It is a real head-turner!
You know it’s destined to become a serious collector car (if it’s not that, already!).

Your daughter has great taste. My own daughter has a '63 Comet. I’d post a photo, but the only ones I have include her in them.

There’s a guy near me that has an original challenger (completely restored) with the same color. Both (old and new) look great.

Good looking car. And it does this without weird headlights and odd shaped grills. Perhaps the start of a (very welcome) new trend.

You gonna borrow it? Are you gonna give it back? ; )

I hope she enjoys it for many years to come.

that sounds real cool. I really like the new challenger cars. I think they are modern but have a old school feel. I also like that it is power and looks awesome. I know it is rear wheel drive but I think it would be a great every day car. I hope your daughter gets decades of good use out of it.


Personally, I’ve always preferred RWD. It drives better IMHO.

I told her that if she loved me she should loan it to me for a couple or 60 days. She said she doesn’t love me THAT much… :smiley:

She said she is going to keep it forever and knowing her I’m sure she will. She didn’t even trade her '05 Mustang in. The Mustang has right at 220k miles on it and still runs and looks as new with no oil consumption so it remains in the garage next to the Dodge.

I’m very proud of her because when she was a teen she asked me to teach her about cars and how to do maintenance. She’s done her own engine oil and transmission services and has even done a full brake job on her own.
She makes it a habit to spend some time every other weekend checking fluids, belts, tires, inspection for fluid leaks, and so on. Not too shabby for a 100 pound petite accountant.

She said when she was negotiating the Challenger she hit them up with some technical questions and no one there could answer them. They finally had to call another Dodge dealer for the info and were very surprised that she had some mechanical knowledge…

@ok4450. Kudos to your daughter! And to you for teaching her.

Your daughter kept the Mustang so that the two of you can race each other at Grudge Night. You get the Challenger, Of Course.