Trying to find an old car

Hey yall,
I really want to ask a friend to prom in a car that have some story to her. Its 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT 8 first edition #1511 out of 6400 (Perfect conditions, limit edition paint job which is bright orange with black strip, with only around 8000 miles to it). Her family owns the car brand new since 2007. Sadly they have to sell it two months ago and I remember her being really sad about it. Is there any way to find that car? Have anyone saw that car in the area and can help me get in touch with the owner? I do have the Vin but I wasn’t able to track the car with that. Any information will help! Thank you.

You want to buy the car . . . ?

Or you simply want to locate the car and borrow it to take your friend to prom . . . ?

If it’s the latter, I wouldn’t expect the current owner to go for it

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I think this is one of those situations where you should not be involved . If it takes the sold vehicle to get the person to go to the prom with you then that is kinda sad. Also if the people had to sell the vehicle because of some tragic reason then they don’t need to be reminded of it.

And DB is correct I also can’t see someone loaning you a stranger a vehicle to go to a prom.


Nothing like that around here. I can fully remember my Senior Prom but I’ll be danged if I can remember who I took to the Junior Prom. So I dunno, these things all seem more important at the time but fade with age. Why not just ask her who they sold the car to?

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Yeah I understand my chance are low to none (finding that car) but you never know what will happen if I don’t even try… I will ask her no matter what but I do want to give her a surprise (I know she misses the car). If the owner is in the area I am willing use a third party rental app like Turo and pay for rental, and give the owner my 2012 e70 as deposit.The car was sold to a dealer and they are not allow to give me any information lol. Is there a way to locate the owner using Vin? Or if the car is even still in the area (DFW) Thank yall for helping through!

This sort of thing is done all the time in the UK b/c the license plate usually stays with the car for its entire life, irrespective of how many owners it has. But that’s not the case in the USA. One obvious question, if your friend’s family sold the car 2 months ago, they must know who they sold it to. So visit the buyer. If that doesn’t work, suggest to visit your local DMV and ask if there’s a way to locate the car. If you know the vin, or at least some fraction of it, there may be. Or if you know its last license plate registration, state & number. Here in Calif even if you knew all that data I doubt you could find the car due to strict privacy laws. But in other states, only the DMV knows.

Prom night is one the most accident and fatality nights for teenagers. Someone would have to be an idiot to let a complete stranger borrow or rent their vehicle to go to a prom.

Jerry , this person is just going to have to learn that life has many disappointments and while you think you are helping I don’t think you are.

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Yeah, a bad idea, lots of insurance-related issues to them and you. What if they crash your car?

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There is a low mile 2008 Hemi Orange SRT8 in Houston for sale for $23,000.

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In Minnesota anyway, VIN information is private as well as registration information from license plates. Not even the police can access it unless they have a legitimate reason to check the computer. Some deputies have been paying a pretty hefty price for searching address information for some females. Computers leave tracks. (Heh heh, wasn’t always the case)

If the DMV won’t or can’t tell you where the car is registered you might be able to find out where it’s registered with Carfax or Autocheck. Turo appears to limit similar cars to renters 25 and up with a hefty deposit for renters under 30.

Well J, I have been around the block more than a few times, met more than a few ladies… I am not sure whether to label you a hopeless romantic or caution you against this entire notion. I think the latter… Lets think about the situation (if you could actually obtain the vehicle) for a moment…

The parents of this girl had clear opportunity to allow her to be able to utilize this vehicle for the prom… They didn’t…and I am certain it was discussed within the walls of her domicile with her parents and there even may have been raised voices involved in the matter. They still decided against the idea…clearly.

So here you come along with this vehicle and this girl tied up in some sort of romantic (or other) notion about prom. I have to ask…was/would this lady go to the prom with you if you showed up in (insert your worst Ego diminishing car ever)? Hmmm? No? Then, at that moment, you had planned to use, as a bargaining chip (and a simultaneous wedge), something her parents clearly had opportunity to allow her the use of and decided against it, for whatever reasons. You would have made a terrible impression on the girls P’s and you would have simultaneously poisoned your relationship with those girls folks, forever, no matter how well you and dream girl got along that night or any other.

If the answer was Yes and she would have walked to the prom with you or would have ridden a tandem bicycle with you, then you would have demonstrated how you wasted your time and effort in all the wrong places and this would have been the elephant in the room for the entire evening. It would forever go down in your relationship as one of your worst ideas ever…and she’d never let you forget it…

Its a bad idea no matter how you slice it brother… Let this idea go, its not a good one.


Hahah I get it. Their parents actually let me drive the car around the block back in December 2018 so I have a really strong memory about that Challenger. Me and her are really good friends we were always talking about one day we should try to hunt down the car. So even if the owner wont let me drive the car it is completely understandable. All I or her really want is to see the car again. The car was sold to a dealer so her parents have no idea what happen to the car as well. Yes, thinking back borrow the car to prom is an awful idea. I give up. But I still want to see that car through lol.

I don’t think that is what’s going on here. Teenagers in some parts of the country like to make asking someone to prom a spectacle in itself, to make it special.

It’s a silly right of passage for many young people, a perfect thing for the young at heart.


Maybe you could rent the same model, or a similar model. There are companies that specialize in renting out particular cars like you describe.

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You should ask the girl to prom, especially because you said that you’re “really good friends”

If she says no because you or the car available to you aren’t good enough . . . well, that would say a lot about HER

Now if she says no because some other guy already asked her out while you were twiddling your thumbs, that’s another story . . .


Are there any rental companies out there that will rent to high school age folks? I was thinking one has to be atleast 25 to rent from most major car rental places

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