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New classy looking car

My fiance is looking for a new car. After driving Porsches for many years she needs something more comfortable with room in the back for the new granddaughter. She likes the look of the mini, the PT Cruiser, the Fisker Karma. If there was a 2010 Dusenburg she would buy that. Can anyone suggest a classy looking new car?

Classy for you and for me may well be totally different. Worse yet neither of us are likely going to choose the same car your fiance would like.

That said someone may have a great idea that none of us thought of.

She is into art deco. Most current models of cars all look a lot the same.

I would like to find her something that looks different and classy and is well made gets good mileage and is under $30K. Is that too much to ask?

For people with good taste, a Buick has very elegant lines; one reason the Chinese love them for their classy lines.

The mini is a counter culture box on wheels; not sure a mature woman would like it for any lenth of time. It also does not have a lot of room, and a weeks supply of groceries and DIAPERS will barely fit in the “trunk”.

If you want ripsnorting fun looks, the new Mazda 2 in red or the new Ford Fiesta in red would look infintely better than a Mini. My wife won a mini (old type) in a draw years ago; she thought it was ugly and promptly sold it.

The PT Cruiser (no longer made) at least has some interior space, but its repair record is nothing to crow about.

I have yet to meet a person, regardless of age or gender, who does not like the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2.

The Honda Accord Crosstour is “different,” but it is hideously ugly. The PT Cruiser and New Beetle used to look “different,” but there are so many around that they have lost their appeal. It’s not too much to ask, but I can’t recommend a “different” car to you because our tastes differ.

Porsche Panamera, Lotus Evora, BMW 650i, Cadillac CTS-V (it’s a coupe for 2011, too), Audi S6. The Lotus is surprisingly civilized. The Cadillac is the real beast of the bunch, and she should take driving lessons before taking this monster on the street. But the kid’s gonna mess her pants under 3 years old anyway, right? OTOH, why give up on Porsche if they have a car built for her desires? They are all priced similarly to the Fisker Karma. I’d give them all very serious test drives first.

Under $30,000? Why did you mention the Fisker? It costs $80,000.

“After driving Porsches for many years …”

Nobody said anything about “under 30K”…This lady sounds like serious money. Once you get over 60K, you can buy a lot of “class”. Why not plan to attend one of the big-buck car auctions and pick out something one-of-a-kind and special??

JT; which of these models sells for less than $30,000 new??

While under $30k won’t get you the trim level I bought, a Mazda CX-7 does look more expensive than it really is. The Sport model with the 2.5L engine claims nearly 30mpg highway mileage(20/28 city/highway). The board I frequent has many posters tell of their vehicle getting mistaken for a Lexus(a good 10k+ more than the Mazda)

I mentioned the Fisker because it is a beautiful car…unfortunately too expensive.

How about a one-year-old Infiniti G coupe? That’s a sharp-looking car.

WOW so many good ideas… I am looking at all of them…thanks Peter

Where are these car auctions?

Of course if there were a 2010 Duesenberg and it cost the same as a 1930’s one, it would go for somewhere between $200k and $300k adjusted for inflation.

Coming way down in price range, what about a Nissan Cube? It’s a car that definitely departs from contemporary design trends. I think there’s a bit of art deco in it, especially if you get it in silver (or am I just thinking of toasters?). As a car, it’s probably not going to impress someone who’s used to a Porsche, but it is definitely unique.

A Nissan Cube is the epitome of ugly. You can thank the Pontiac Aztec for paving the way for this turkey.

To the OP, yes, some Buicks have a touch of class these days. Don’t get your hopes too high, however, as every passenger vehicle 10 years and older becomes ugly. Car styling is like food tasting. You might like it; I don’t and we are both correct.

How about a Chrysler 300? I’m thinking of one for my next vehicle.

What she will discover is that a different, classy, under 30 grand car will be present in numbers as thick as fleas on a redneck’s mangy dog after buying it.
Once you take the wheel of a particular “not many around” car you generally start noticing just how many there are and the uniqueness wears off.

If she can swing a Porsche then go for the Shelby Cobra Mustang. :slight_smile:

How about an Avanti, convertable available also.