1997 Lexus tailight


I just purchased a 1997 Lexus and when I turn on the lights the rear tailight failure light comes on. We replaced two sidelights and the other lights seem to be working however the failure light stays on.

The used car dealer were i got the car does not know how to get the light to go off. Can anyone help?


I don’t know the vehicle, but perhaps that’s one of those lights that needs to be reset, like the “maintenance due” light. Have you looked in the owner’s manual?


make sure you have the proper bulbs in said sockets,and that all bulbs are working sometimes,I’ve missed two bulbs out because it’s a mirror image ,and two bulbs out in the perfect,pattern will look as though that was how it was designed.


Make sure ALL the rear lights work. This includes the rear license plate lights. If all the rear lights are working, then the problem is probably with the rear-light-out module.



We have checked the owners manual and check the lights to make sure they are on.We did have a mirror image situation which we noticed when looking at the owners manual the two side lights were not working so we put them in but the failure light did not go out. I did not check to see if the right bulbs were installed but the dealer told me they were.I will recheck all the lights.