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License Plate lights won't

2001 toyota Camry - warning light on dashboard came on, license plate lights not working, replaced with two new bulbs, turned on car, light on dashboard now out, but the lamps don’t light up. Warning light now back on dashboard. What’s up?

The problem might be with the Rear Light Out module.

This module is located behind the left trunk panel. It’s a plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Remove the module and remove the cover and inspect the small circuit board inside for burnt components. If any are found that’s what is causing the problem.


Most likely a bad ground at the lights. It may sometimes draw enough current to turn off the warning light, but not enough to light the bulbs. This is a fix it ticket waiting to happen, or a clue to get you pulled over for suspicion of anything the cop wants to nail you for. You can check this with a multimeter, these cost only a few bucks at most part stores. did you clean the terminals in the socket when you replaced the bulbs?

Hey Tester, Mucho thanks. Will have my local, favorite mechanic check it out for me right away. I’m afraid I’m “fix it yourself” challenged!