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Rim damage

I hit a curb and damaged the inside of the front rim. we didn’t see any obvious damage to the tire, however could a problem be lurking, and should I replace the tire anyway? What other damage could occur in the suspension etc?

If you hit something hard enough to damage the rim, I bet the tire’s damaged too. I’d replace it, and take it to a good front-end shop or your dealer to have them check for other damage, and to check the alignment.

I would start at a good front end shop.  They should be able to do the wheel as well.  Ask them about the tyre.   Unless your tyres are almost new, I would suggest replacing either both fronts, putting them on the back and moving the back wheels to the front (You always want the best tyres on the back for safe handling).

And seeing that you drive an Outback, you may get stuck buying 4 tires to keep the awd happy, or having the one new tire shaved to match the other tires’ diameter.

It all depends on the severity of the hit and visible damage. We cannot see it from here.

However if there is no obvious damage in sidewall and significant bend in the rim I would not worry much. That all being said it is prudent to get it checked out.

My wife’s car has some significant bends in the wheel and a chunk missing from the edge of the rim. It was deemed safe at tire replacement time.