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Scratched the curb.. Does my tire need to be replaced?

Accidentally turned into a curb during a dark night and got my tire scratched with a through cut… seems not very deep but still concerning (see pictures). Do I need to have it replaced or it is still good? (tire size 235/45R-18)


Thanks for suggestions!!

Sidewall damage on a low profile tire requires replacement.

That’s because there’s not much sidewall.


That looks like the “Rim protector” portion of the tire was torn. This is the thick lip in the sidewall that is intended to protect the edge of the wheel from light curb damage.

I see a lot of damaged tires on customers cars, if there are no exposed cords I don’t replace the tire.

Stop by a tire shop and show them the tire.

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Yes, that is the rim protector and it’s only there to protect the rim and it looked like is did its job (mostly). It’s strictly a hunk of rubber, so no problem.


For those not familiar with @CapriRacer
He is our “resident” tire professional, seriously. We are fortunate to have him in the community! :smile:
I would take his advice to the bank! :wink:



Good to see your participation! :smiley_cat:
Please, don’t feel embarrassed when I ask you to briefly describe your professional tire experience/qualifications.

My memory isn’t what it once was and we’ve got some newer folks here. Thanks!

Do you still have your website that you can link or give the URL?

Hold on! I found Capri Racer’s website and its wealth of tire information.