Damage ... front left post ... 2002 Acura RL 3.5

Anyone have experience with an Acura with the ‘front left post’ having been damaged in an accident? The car is in excellent condition but CarFax indicates an accident with the front left post having been involved. Car was still drivabl.e

Your post does not say a whole lot so I hope this helps. Vehicles do not get post damage only. Chances are the vehicle had damage on the fender,post, door and more than likely other areas like the hood, bumper and suspension.

Thanks… That’s more detail than I have about the accident. I was implying that I have some concerns about the car. I want to buy it but am cautious since Carfax didn’t offer details about damage from the accident. When I did a test drive, there were no handling/steering problems. Searching for ideas/input. Maybe I can contact the dealer who had the car after it was damaged. Not sure how much info they will provide.

You should have the car inspected by a mechanic before you buy it. In this case you know there is accident damage. Make sure the car is inspected by a body shop as well to see if collision repair was done properly. In particular look at the painted areas carefully. Sometimes repainted areas look good, but after a few years the repainted areas don’t match the quality of the original factory paint.

Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been delaying the inspection tasks, but I will before I proceed further in this process. I so like the car and it appears in new condition with only 43K miles.guess I dread hearing of potential problems. Nevertheless, appreciate the nudge!!