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Collision damage

My 2002 Acura TL was involved in a low speed accident. The impact was from the front right. The front bumper is totally destroyed. The fenders are not damaged but appear to have shifted slightly (laterally) towards the right with regards to the wheels and the hood, overlapping the front edge of the hood by 1/16" on passenger side and creating a same-size gap on the driver side. Question: My insurance company has an arrangement with a local body shop, although it is up to me where to take the car. Should I take it to my Acura dealer?

There’s no reason to take it to the dealer. Dealers don’t have body shops. If you took it to the dealer to get it repaired, they’d just farm it out to a body shop.


I asked the Acura dealer about this, and he said they share with Honda a dedicated (factory) off-site Honda/Acura body shop. My worry is that if there is structural damage (the 1/16" shift), a body shop may just make it invisible. On the other hand, the Hond/Acura shop will probably charge more than the insurance estimate.

Since the insurance company is paying for this, I would go to one of thier designated shops. The dealer’s shop will likley be more and may affect your premium.

I have always followed my insurance company's recommendation as to where to take it.  They know the local providers and they know which ones do a good job. I have never regretted this.