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Car veers to the right

Hi, this is the first time I use the forum and I love the show. I appreciate any advice I can get!

My car veers to the right when I’m driving at high speeds, and my rear tires were worn out only after a year I changed them. I took my car to the get the alignment done and they said they weren’t able to do it and referred me to a bodyshop saying something was bent on the rear left. I took it the bodyshop and he said I needed to change the rim of one of my tires. I took it to a second bodyshop and he said I had to change the spiner and the bearing, but he was not 100% that that was the problem. When he lifted the car, we noticed that that wheel was slightly (unoticeably on the ground) bent inwards. Oh, I forgot to mention I had an accident, not on that side but I suppose it could have pushed something inside.

Tell us abuot this accident. How bad was it? Was the repair done at a good body shop, or did you repair it yourself?

I suspect he said bearing and spindle. Yes, something has been bent or damaged. You need to get the enitire car evaluated. You have a “unibody”, where the body is the fraome, and damage to the cody can set the entire vehicle askew. You haven’t told us the year, mileage, and overall condition of the car, but if the unibody is damaged the repairs could get expensive.

Did the mechanic suggest why he thought the wheel was leaning in?

Summary: the first shopp telling you they could not align it and referring you to a body shop, the body shop finding that a wheel was leaning in, and the accident, all combine to make me suspect that you sustained damage to the unibody. That is not good. Doing the disassembly to put this on an alignment table, getting it back straight again, and putting it back together can be expensive…and there’s no guarantee it’ll ever be quite the same.

Post back with more information about the accident.

I wasn’t very through, was I? I just wrote it before leaving work I didn’t even think I would get any replies! thanks for taking the time to read it and reply…

Back to the car, it’s an Acura RSX 2004. The accident was very bad, I was driving on the highway going 65mph and suddenly a car spins out of control and is coming towards me! so I sworve to avoid it and the rear driver’s part of my car hit the median wall. (side story because the other driver’s car wasn’t even touched she later even denied being there! and I saved her life… grrr…)
I fixed it at a bodyshop that was not good according to another bodyshop. Oh, so after a month I had that accident and my car was fixed I got into another accident! somebody hit me when I was driving and she was coming out (not in reverse, but full front) of her driveway. (she was in a hurry she said to me) In this accident she hit my rear driver’s side. I took it to a different bodyshop.
Then couple months later I changed my tires (first time 50k, not bad huh?) and they wrote a note saying they noticed something was bent in the rear left.
Now I took it back to the 2nd bodyshop and he was the one that told me I need to change the rim of my front left. (he didn’t really examine the car much, I only told him the car veers right)
The second mechanic wasn’t sure why the wheel was leaning in, he said he suspected it was the bearing and spindly that were probably impacted with the collision.

I hope it’s not the unibody! I’m taking it tomorrow to a third bodyshop. Would a mechanic be able to tell if it is in fact the unibody?

I wish I could tell you more about the repairs that were done after the accident but I dont know the specifics, should I check in the invoice would that be helpful in diagnosing the problem??

Thanks again.