Buying a car that was in an accident

I found out a car I am about to purchase was involved in an accident before the current owner bought it. From the CARFAX, it was owned by Fleet Mgmt Co. and was rear-ended before being sold to International Autos…a well known dealership in Milwaukee, WI. Intl Autos told me that is impossible and they have no record of it and it’s probably a mistake. I ran the record check with the Police department and in fact it was involved in an accident and was rear-ended. Now, i’m not sure if we should buy it and want to know other people’s opinion.

“dealership in Milwaukee, WI. … told me that is impossible”

That should tell you one thing right there. You can’t trust that dealer.

If you like the car and the price, take it to an independent mechanic that you pay. See what he says. We can see or hear the car.

I agree with Mr. Meehan, as I usually do. I’m sure that the dealership staff was really “shocked” to hear that the vehicle had been in an accident. ;-))

But, this could work to your advantage if you really want that particular car. If the dealership allows you to take it to your own mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection, and if your mechanic clears it as being okay for purchase, then you may be able to use your CarFax and police documentation to get a price reduction from the dealership.

I too agree with Joseph. Get it checked out, and be sure to tell the mechanic the shole story.

A neighbor bought a “great deal” on a Chrysler 300 some time back withouot getting it checked. Stared having strange noises, brought it to his shop, and found out the rear end had been stitched back together with poprivets.

Don’t buy it. If there is any problem with opening the rear doors, don’t buy it. There are usually electrical and leak issues with body work.