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CV boot repair

Anybody have any luck with the “split” type CV boot repair? I hate to rip the whole thing apart for a small hole in the OEM boot. It’s for my '89 Accord. Any experience with this? Rocketman

Split boots are a stop-gap fix. They will prevent joint damage until a convenient time to put a proper boot on. They will eventually open or the grease will work its way out. Take a look at a split boot every time you get gas. Here in Wash. DC a car will not pass safety inspection with a split CV boot.

I just checked the price of a split-boot repair kit ($20) vs. a new axle shaft kit ($60). A no-brainer, I guess. Don’t know how long the hole was in the boot, but for $40 more and a bit of work, I’ll feel better. Thanks circuitsmith! Rocketman

I used a split boot 6 years ago and the thing is still performing perfectly.
I glued one side of the boot together before I installed it on the car.
The item I used was called “Quick Boot” and I used screw hose clamps instead of the supplied boot clamps.

It works for me.