Split cv boot


1998 nissan sentra needs cv boot replaced, anyone ever try the split boot? no need to pull off the wheel, just cut the old boot, add grease to the joint and the split boot wraps around the joint and connects together w/ 3 or 4 nuts and bolts. seems like a fix that may last a year or so…


[b]Sure! You can try it. But you have to consider how long the boot was open to fling out the grease and allow debris to get into the CV-joint. So, you can install the split boot, and hope the CV-joint doesn’t go out a month later.

What I do is drive the vehicle with the open boot until the CV-joint starts knocking while cornering. Then I install a remanufactured halfshaft assembly.



Repacing a reman. half shaft is little more than a boot in my experience…even when doing a split boot, as stated, you’re not sure of the life left in the cv joint…go for the whole “enchilada”; it’s your money.


To be honest, I’ve put on a couple of those split boots and I can’t stand them. They seem downright cheesey to me. Agreed; drive it until it knocks, which may be a long time, and then replace the axle shaft.

There has been a reference or two in the past on this board about split boots working fine just like the old VW Bug swing axle boots.
That’s a whole different deal; the VW axle housing and boots do not rotate.