How can you repair cv boots?

Hi, I have a 2000 Mazda 626 with 100K miles. I recently took it in for a regular service and the mechanic said that the front CV boots are torn. He said it would cost ~$500 to replace them. Is there any way of repairing the boots? Looking at spending less money, of course. Also, is it true that not repairing this would impact the axels?

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There are split boots you can get. Not sure for you application.

If they’re torn, there’s a good chance dirt got in. Replacing just the boot is stop gap - the CV joints will likely fail soon. Just replace the entire half shaft. You can get good rebuilt ones for cheaper you can get two CVs and boots for.

To replace the boots involves removing the axles and disassembling the inner CV joints. The labor cost is the killer on this, but it is doable, for about $500. For about the same price, you can get remans, but I have not had very good luck with them, and I am not alone on this.

Also for about the same price, you can get brand new axles from China. They do not have quite the quality of a new OEM axle, but they are far superior to most remanufactured axles. Talk to your mechanic about getting these instead of remans.

Here is a selection of available axles for a 4 cylinder model. You can show this to your mechanic if need be.\%2C+Suspension+%26+Steering,wpn_cat_name:Axles\%2C+Driveshaft+%26+4WD,wpn_scat_name:Axle+Assemblies+%26+Shafts,part:Axle+Assembly)

These would be my top picks. I’ve used them with very good results.,+Suspension+%26+Steering,wpn_cat_name:Axles,+Driveshaft+%26+4WD,wpn_scat_name:Axle+Assemblies+%26+Shafts,part:Axle+Assembly,universal:0)&refType=Brand&refValue=EMPI+Axle

When the CV-boots tear the grease for the CV-joint is slung out while at the same time water, grit, and dirt enter the CV-joint wearing it out. Just drive the vehicle with the torn CV-boots until the CV-joints start making a noise while turning then replace the halfshaft assembly.


Yeah if you catch it right away, maybe. I used the split boot once but it wasn’t very satisfactory for me. You have to glue the two halves together and get the bands tight on the axle. Much better just to replace the whole axle. When the joint fails finally, you will lose all forward motion and will need a tow, so pay me now or pay me later I guess.

I have a VW with a Chinese half shaft that has 80k miles so far and is doing well. The half shaft part cost was about 50 bucks. The Chinese are killing us with economic kindness.

split boots are a joke you can re-boot an axle or buy a replacement very inexpenively. if the axles or not rare go ahead and replace them but sometimes you do have to bite the bulliet and have the axle rebuilt still not that bad cost wise.

FORGET THE SPLIT BOOT! buy new axles they our cheap enough. aftermarket new that is. about $75.00 each for me to sell them to you.

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Yep, forget repairing the boot, don’t do anything until you notice a clicking, it could be months or more.

@texases, if you’re going to keep driving with these torn CV boots until they click before you replace them, you might as well wrap them in duct tape first. It couldn’t hurt.

My experience - Outer joint - on the wheel end:

  1. 1987 Acura had the boot torn. I was naive and mechanic fixed for like $70 each side - just replaced the boot nearly 7yrs ago - car is driving fine till now

  2. 2000 Acura had its issue last yr - he replaced the boot only on one side and asked me to wait for the other to break - paid $85-$90. The one got fixed is going strong - the other just torn.

M/c asked me to drive around - no issues as his appointment is about 2 weeks away.

You can do it:

  1. Article - how mine was fixed
  2. Dirty fix - not one I like
  3. Video

You realize no one has responded to this thread in over five years, right? Also, I have never heard of an internal boot. Doesn’t even make sense, functionally or cost wise. I suppose “it might be possible”, after all it’s possible I could be the next president. But then again that makes about the same amount of sense that internal CV boots do. :sunglasses:

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You are correct - as the 3rd link I provided does not show one at all.

My mechanic has no problem driving around with it.

Does the boot on the other end goes bad at all?