Looking for Camry split CV boots

Does anyone know where i can buy a split CV boot cover for my 1995 Toyota camry XLE V6 1MZFE engine. I need the outer(wheel side) CV boot, but it’s ok if it comes with the inner CV boot as well. I have seen several split CV boot kits for the1995 camry, but when i enter my exact engine details nothing matches my vehicle. Can anyone help?

I have never used a split boot , but everything I have read says they are seldom successful at not leaking. Maybe someone who has used them successfully will post here.

Many years ago, a guy asked and paid me to fit a split boot on his axle. What a piece of crap, it worked for about two hours. Then I had to do it the right way. He did not like the price.


I had one work OK years ago on my 1984 Cavalier. Access was fairly easy. I tried one on my 1999 Civic. Few jobs were ever so difficult to access AND yielded such unacceptable results.

The boot had been damaged when a suspension shop installed a used steering knuckle after a crash. I didn’t make an issue with them. It was an 18 year old boot that got a crack.

After the wasted money and effort with a split boot, I watched some YouTube videos, read my Haynes manual, got the right boot from the Honda dealer, bought a special Lisle tool to install the straps, and removed the axle, cleaned and greased the CV joint, installed the boot, and put the axle back in. That was about a year ago and it’s been fine.

I did need some help from the suspension shop: I couldn’t get the big axle nut off. I called them and they loosened it right away and with no charge. Getting it back on to the correct torque was not a problem. I used a new nut and staked it.

The key to success was getting a good boot on there soon after the original boot was compromised. I trust the OEM Honda CV joint over the aftermarket stuff.

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes for you.

Don’t waste your time/money installing a split boot.

Just drive the car until the CV-joint makes noise where you can’t stand it. Then replace the axle assembly.


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I use gasket sealant(RTV sealant) to temporary fix tears in CV boots.I just smear it over the tear and wait until it dries. The last one I did lasted 8 years until proper replacement was needed.

Great advice for work-arounds above. I also wouldn’t bother installing a split boot on a Camry.

I have used the split boot with some success. I used silicone sealer to seal the 2 halves together and let them dry overnight. I used cable ties the next day to complete the installation. The right way is always better but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the money.

I think they are about as reliable as bubble gum patches on inner tubes. Some people get lucky but most don’t.

New (NOT remaufactured) Cardone Select complete CV/axles are like $50 so there is no reason to do split boots (which ALWAYS leak) . Just replace entire axle with inner/outer CV joints (many helpful Youtube videos cover this) and rest easy!

Split boots are a great way to make money split out of your wallet. Just buy a new or reman axle with rebuilt joints and new boots…you are going to do this anyway. Avoid the extra expense of the split boot.