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Cushion for you knee

I just purchased a 2019 Ford Fiesta SE hatchback and where the AC console is kinda rubs on my leg around near my knee cap when I am driving. It’s nothing huge, but I was thinking about putting a piece of foam on that as a bit of padding as my leg rests against it as I use the gas pedal. I was wondring if anyone here might have a better solution or has had this issue with their car and what they used or did to make the driving experience a little more comfortable.

Foam will break down and be all over the place. Any place that has a hardware section will have felt adhesive backed pads . It might work but I think it would look terrible

I’m not looking at that big of a piece, maybe the size of your palm and if it’s black I doubt you could really see it that much. Also overall I am not overlly concerned with how it would look, looking more for some comfort on the knee bone that rests against that console unit when I drive.

I feel your pain! My last Mustang had that issue. My right knee was against a hard plastic console. My solution was self-adhesive closed cell, high density foam. The car had a black interior so it actually matched up fairly well.

There is a good selection here that meets a wide temperature range, thickness and size.

Look for adhesive backed, closed cell foam with a temperature range of about -20 to 155 degrees F. You can cut to shape with scissors and stick it on to the console.

my 2001 Chevy van does this with my left knee on the door panel. I use a folded up rag there when I go for long drives. Because it’s on the door, not sure much else would last. I’m gonna check some of this other stuff and see if anyone else has any ideas in here. :slight_smile:

I found this on amazon and wonder if this might work…

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For that price why not try it .

Before actually sticking it to the console use the blue painters tape to hold it in place long enough to see if it will solve the problem . That way if it doesn’t you won’t have all that adhesive to clean off.


What is nice with it is it appearks I could put sheets together to the thickness I want. I wonder if car designers are smallish people because it appears that they don’t take into consideration that taller people may buy smaller cars…

That should get the job done.

They have to build vehicles for the entire range of people of all sizes . They also have funny looking suits that they put on to simulate elderly people getting in and out the vehicles .