Wanted:Advice on Car Bras('03&'08 Pontiac Vibe in particular)


Any suggestions or experiences w brands suggest as Colgen, Covercraft, LeBra, Perfect Fit. Wanting details of experience, durability, shrinkage, wind issues, paint chafing.


[b]Your best bet is to install the 3M product called ScotchGard. Or also known as the invisible bra. This product is applied directly to the front of the vehicle and prevents paint damage. Unlike regular bras, you don’t have to worry about paint abrasion from dirt getting under the bra or from the bra rubbing on the vehicles surface.

I know many people who have had this product installed. And I have to admit, this one of the best ideas 3M ever came out with.

Tester [/b]


I agree. Use the clear protector, not a strap-on “bra.” The bra will trap moisture and dirt beneath it, and will wear through the paint when it vibrates, which it will, as you drive.