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Curbed my tire....about to make trip

Hello, just yesterday I hit my tire against a curb (pretty stupid, i know). I drive a lincoln aviator with after factory tires (SP Sport Maxx, -basically 22’’ low profile tires). While the rim didn’t get damaged at all, there was a definite gash in the sidewall. I brought it to an OK Tire, they said "shouldnt be a problem, just cosmetically ugly). The dealership wasn’t sure, said it should be ok but wasnt sure. Doesnt appear deep enough to have effected the tire and they said that these low profile tires have very thick sidewalls. Just not sure what to do? Replace it? …problem is lot of treadwear left and pretty expensive tire. Super glue it so its not ugly aesthetically? As a caviat to all of this, I am about to go on a 1,000 miles road trip next week. THANKS for the any comments!