Tire puncture on shoulder but do not go throught

(upload://sGyHIQvEvxSXjeFYXe7oSQY9OeE.jpeg)Hi. I have a tire puncture on the shoulder but it does not go through the metal lining. No air is leaking out and it is holding air. Is there any flexible glue to fill and bond the cut?

No … Replace tire before it gives up at the worst possible time.


Agree! Sidewall damage is the end of the tire; replace it ASAP!.

Try posting the picture again. How did you notice it? How big of a nail caused it?

Agree with the above. If the damage is to the sidewall, replace the tire ASAP

Agree tire is shot but methinks all four need to be replaced for AWD. If someone recommends Shoe Goo, don’t listen to them.

How deep is it?

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Here are more pictures

More pictures

More pictures…

I used Homdabond HT to filled the cut

I discovered the cut while I was inspecting the tires for embedded nails. These are new 19” Michelin defender LTX tires I bought from discount tire online and it has only about 6k miles. These tires are expensive.

I want to use this rubber cement

I am going to use this

Do not drive over 25 miles per hour until you get this tire replaced. Get it replaced in the next day or two. You may have road hazard insurance on the tires, check with your tire seller.

This tire is dangerous, replace it now.


Holy cow. Replace that dang tire. With only 6000 miles, you may be able to not have to replace the other three but gee whiz what does a set of tires cost? $1500? What does an MDX cost? $50,000? What does it cost to repair the AWD system? $3000? Really, tire cement is going to prevent a blow out?


I tend to err on the side of safety when it comes to tires, so I totally agree with Steve. That cut is deep enough and close enough to the sidewall that the tire needs to be replaced.

outer tire repairs is not what this tire repair compound is for. It is for affixing patches to holes on the inside of the tire. it is not made to see road surface.

and charge up that phone battery!!! :smiley:


… and make sure that the life insurance policy is paid-up…

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2011MDX - Why are you having so much trouble understanding that the tire needs replaced ? And as another post pointed out that tire repair cement is for patches inside of the tire.

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