Crv, touchscreen and rear camera don’t work

Crv 2021 (Black!), the touchscreen and rear camera are functioning erratically (sometimes they work, sometimes only 1 works, mostly neither works). Brought the car in to the dealership (KS) they unplugged and plugged back in the battery, told me it would be fine. Next day, they updated the software, told me it would be fine. Today they ordered a new radio unit, told me they didn’t know if it would fix the problem. The car has only K10 miles. Am I missing something? Wasn’t Honda CR-V supposed to be the most reliable SUV on the market?
My question is: did I find the wrong mechanic or the wrong car?
Thank you guys!

No way to tell… could be either. The car runs, at least that part is OK, this stuff won’t keep you from getting to work.

LOTS of car makers have problems with this stuff… Usually not this early but, you still have a warranty, use it as often as this occurs. Get it on record because if they can’t fix it, you may be able to get Honda to buy the car back for what you paid for it. Or at least, keep getting repairs.

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Stuff happens in any brand, the CRV of recent years did have a gas in oil problem for cold climates, not sure if they fixed that probably more systemic to the car problem than what you are going through.

As a follow-on, web search for “lemon law Kansas” to see what qualifies for a lemon law buy back. Make sure that you aim for meeting all the requirements at your earliest opportunity. That usually means getting receipts for every visit with a clear statement of the problem. I’m not saying you have a lemon, only that you need to be ready in case you do before the time limit expires. I had a car that was on its last repair try before the buy back. When the dealership saw on their computer that I has already contacted the manufacturer, they bent over backwards to get the final repair try right. They fixed the problem, BTW.

It’s reliable, yes, but not perfect. The only trouble area listed on Consumer Reports is ‘in car electronics’. So your problem isn’t unique. Have you posted this on a CR-V forum?

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