CR-V touchscreen is possessed!

Had this 2018 CR-V for about a year now, and the last few months, the screen starts blinking off and on as if it’s changing the brightness setting like crazy all by itself. There’s no indication as to what starts it, but the only thing that seems to clear it (until next time) is to turn off the car and start it again.

Very strange!

Honda CR-V touchscreen is possessed! - YouTube

Anyone else ever experience this? Is there a way to reset the software on this thing?



That looks like some sort of intermittent electrical connection problem. I doubt it’s a software or reset issue. What sort of cable attaches to that module?

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Thanks George, that sounds reasonable. I have no idea what cables are being used. I could take it in for service, but the problem is so intermittent, they may not see the problem.

It looks to me like some sort of liquid crystal display. Those work by the electronics scanning across and down, activating the individual elements one by one, then repeating, by row/column addressing, sort of like a tube-type tv works. There’s electrical connections needed from the electronics to all the rows, and all the columns. My guess, something is amiss w/all that. The unexplained mystery is why it works when first starting the car.

The only explanation I can offer is some years ago I had a problem with a similar type of LCD display (not for car), and the mystery there was that it would only work when I had the oscilloscope hooked up to a certain signal lead. Turned out the extra capacitance the o-scope added to the circuit made it work. So they can be a little fiddly…

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Do you have any blutooth connections, usb connections etc.? step one disconnect all add ons and see if the problem persiists.

You probably have a bad soldering point somewhere in the unit. You can try and disconnecting everything and also the battery and let the head unit reset itself but this might not work. The dealer would not be much help either. They will try and see you a new unit. I assume the warranty is over.
The alternate is to take it to a stereo shop and see if they will figure it out. But before that, you might want to price a new one from Honda, a used one online and also look on crutchfield and see what after market options you have.