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CRV Engine rattle

I have a 2004 CRV w/ 80K miles. Just recently the engine started to rattle when the car is idling when stopped- what could it be? Should I be worried? The car does not drive or handle any differently.

If it sounds like marbles in a tin can, chances are it is the valve rattling. When was the last time the valves were adjusted? If they are hydraulic valves, this may be an indication of a collapsed lifter or low oil pressure. However, the oil light should go on before you hear the valves rattle.

The outside chance is preignition if there is a lot of carbon deposits. If this were the case, the sound would be worse coming off the freeway.

Usually with Honda’s it is the heat shield which is part of the exhaust.

However without hearing it I have no idea.

Ok is this really an engine rattle. Rattle reminds me more of a clattering piece of metal like a heat shield. I know its tough to describe noise but is it more clangy like a out of tune bell or a tap tap kind of noise.

I don’t believe the valves have ever been adjusted. The rattle only occurs when the car is idled. It is time for an oil change- could that be it? I got new tires about a year ago.

It is more like a rumble, than a rattle. When the car is at a stop light you hear a slight rumble.

Have the motor mounts checked. A broken or cracked motor mount can cause this sound.