2014 Honda CR-V rattles on start



Occasionally makes a loud vibrating or rattling noise when started


The noise may be from the variable valve timing control actuator gear. There is a service bulletin to correct this.


Could this happen intermittently? In the late winter/early spring my wife reported a funny noise on starting, but whenever I came down to listen, it didn’t do it, and she hasn’t said anything since then.


It could be as simple as a loose heat shield, and as the engine warms and parts expand from the heat the noise goes away. These are only made of aluminum and they tend to rot away around any screws and bolts.
This is common especially in the rust belt.

Check under the hood and the heat shields will mostly be around the exhaust components.

Put the front end on jackstands and while everything is cold crawl under and wiggle each of the heat shields.




Just for grins, you might raise the hood and check the motor oil level. Hopefully that is not the problem.


It could be due to a faulty anti-drainback valve in the oil filter.
Is the filter a mainstream brand (Honda, Fram, Wix, Purolator, etc.),
or a plain white “jobber” from a quick-lube place?


not sure. I’ll check it out. Thanks


Already checked the shields, but thanks for your time and input


Yep definitely intermittently, does not happen every time


Thanks. My mechanic and I both found that service bulletin online too. I’m going to check with the dealer I bought the car from