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2015 Honda CR-V vibration

We have a 2015 Honda CRV that we bought new. My question is that when we stop at a stoplight, the car vibrates which is very noticeable to me (if not my wife). It feels a little like a recliner that vibrates like I have in my basement ManCave. But I would prefer not to have the car vibrating this way. I have taken it into our dealer a couple of times for work and they felt the computer wasn’t right but they can’t seem to fix it. I got tired of trying so I have pretty much given up.
Magic Fingers CRV Owner.

Ok… Did you have a question?

What is causing this vibration?

Would like to have some answers.
When sitting idling, does the vibration stop when you put it in nuetral?

Is your check engine light light on, and if it is, go to a parts store and post the codes here.

What does your tachometer read when idling in drive?

If you turn off AC, heater and defrosters, and all other accessories, does the problem go away?

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You don’t say if this has always been there or new. I’d guess what you are feeling is the engine’s natural vibration. It may have been fully damped out when new and the engine mount rubber has gotten a bit harder and now you can feel it OR it has always been there because Honda did the best they could but you are more sensitive than most so you feel it.

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This has been an issue pretty much since it was new. It is noticed at red lights when car is in drive but stopped at intersection. If I shift to neutral it dissappears.

It is more of an annoyance than a big problem.

Based on this;

My answer is still this:

Why wait 4 years to complain about it?

These CR-V’s have become well known for idle vibration. Try Googling it. There may be service bulletins from Honda about it.

Does your CRV have an “ECO” button? On my 2013 Equinox ECO mode drops the idle, the lower idle is not as smooth as the normal idle. I keep ECO mode turned off, driveability is much improved and the drop in mpg is negligible (~0.5 mpg).

Ed B.

CRVs 2.4. They have a low idle setting of 600 RPM and 700 RPM with accessories on. This will feel like a rough idle. It’s typical.

Thanks to all!


Thanks! Will try this. It does have an ECO button.