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98 Honda crv rattle and pull

Have a 98 Honda CR-V. Has a rattle sound sometimes when start up. Sounds like it’s coming from right under the right passenger side front door. Notice goes away in a few seconds. Not sure if this is related but also pulls to the right a bit while driving. Noticeable. Transmission shift nicely as far as I can tell. No delay. Does not over heat. And exhaust streak is a clean chalky white. Has high mileage though. Has new timing belt, water pump, drive belts, both inner tire rods, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and Rotor. Wondering what this short rattle noise is and if it is related to the pull to the right.

Check all the heat shields, and please only make one thread.

I apologize. I thought by picking a different category it added it to a different thread with different people.

Duplicate Thread !!

Yes I already apologized for this as you can see. Time to move on.

Don’t worry about it, @cali.rockaturtle.90 - I’ll close it. Good luck with your problem.

Sometimes an engine will misfire or at least not run as smoothly as normal after a cold start. That can cause the engine to shake a bit, which shakes the rest of the car. Anything loose then could rattle. So it could be most anything. Maybe on the next cold start, pop the hood & ask a buddy to listen using a length of garden hose as a stethoscope to help isolate where it is coming from while you start the engine. My guess is the under-engine plastic shield gizmo has dropped a couple of its fasteners, and that’s what is rattling. Worn motor mount is another possibility.

btw, not sure what you mean by the exhaust streak being chalky white. If you mean there’s some white smoke that comes out the exhaust pipe on first start of the day, that’s normal. It should go away after 5 minutes or so, with hardly anything visible coming from the tailpipe once the engine is warm.

No clue concerning the right pull without a test drive and suspension inspection. The slight rattle on start-up can occasionally happen. My 2010 Kia has never done it on a cold start but 2 or 3 times in almost 7 years it has done it after a less than 2 mile trip to the corner grocery store. It sort of starts and shakes for a second then runs normally. The rattle sounds like the muffler hitting the rear sub-frame 2 or 3 times. I haven’t worried about it. I’m also guessing exhaust “stream” being normally white on cold start.

More info. It’s upon acceleration as well. Though not so noticeable as
you are inside car. I had someone with good mechanic skills test drive it
and they said there isn’t anything wrong with motor. And they agree that
it’s the heat shield that rattles.

EGR problems can cause rough idling and shaking on acceleration. If fixing the heat shield, you still notice a lot of shaking going on that’s something else to consider. There’s another thread going on here in this exact forum for EGR problems on an Accord, you might want to take a look.