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Crv clock

how do you remove the clock from a 2000 honda crv?


The clocks on the early crv’s are notoriously short lived and fantastically expensive to replace. I would recommend buying yourself a very nice wristwatch. Seriously.

The Honda clock curse strikes again!

I’ve never actually replaced one, but I’ve looked at replacing one and as near as I can tell you have to actually remove the whole dashboard. IIRC, it looked like you might be able to get to it by taking out the radio, but if that’s possible, it would require extremely nimble hands and knowing what the fasteners look like without being able to see them.

I’m sure the actual factory service manual says exactly what the best way to do it is, so you might try talking to a dealership-- even if they won’t tell you how to do it, if you can figure out what the labor charge is, you can probably deduce if you do need to take the dash apart or if there’s some sort of trick.

Of course a wristwatch or a stick-on clock are both perfectly workable solutions.

Remove the plastic bezel around the clock and it should just pull out.