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Changing clock in 2017 Honda CR-V

How do you change the clock in a 2017CRV

That info is in your owners manual.

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I just changed the clock in my wife’s '14. The car’s not here right now and the two years are probably different, but this was my approach. I believe there was a Setup button. I pressed it and scrolled through the setup options; on this one there was an option to Adj Clock - pretty easy to find! I’m trying to remember whether I could use the dials or the arrows to select the hours and minutes and hit an enter button.

One thing many people have to overcome is fear of messing something up - whatever you mess up can be fixed. It may need a step by step read through of the manual, but it can be fixed.

And one other thing - please don’t do this while you’re driving! The car may need to be running, but you don’t have to be driving to do this.

In my 2017 Accord, setup options are locked out while the car is moving.