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Honda CRV clock

The digital clock on my 2000 crv stopped working. Is it the clock itself or the bulb? Suggestions for an easy fix or just buy a stick on clock?

Put a flashlight up to it and see if the numbers are visible. Then the question will be what step two is going to be. I have no idea. If you see no numbers which show the correct time, check fuses then get the stick-on clock.

For the rest of us, we’ll just look at the cell phone we’re holding.

The Honda clock curse strikes again! For as reliable as everything else on them is, Hondas have very sub-par clocks.

The bulb is probably internal to the clock and non-replaceable so it’s sort of academic whether that’s the problem. You can probably pick up a junkyard clock for $5 or so, but replacing it may or may not involve taking apart large portions of the dashboard. Are there any visible screws or a separate plastic ring going around the clock?

tried prying out the clock with screw drivers, to no avail. Don’t want to play with removing the dashboard, too much work considering the clock is very difficult to see, particularly in sunlight, therefore spending 7-9 bucks on a new stick on clock seems the best bet. thanks.