Clock in the Dashboard

Hello, everybody. The digital clock in our 2005 Toyota Prius has fallen back into the dashboard. How do I get it back out? Thanks.

Stop by theparts department at the local Toyota dealership, request a printout of the Repair Procedure for removing the dashboard along with an “exploded view” drawing of the assembly, be sure you have all the tools you need, and set aside a weekend to do the project. I’[ve requested specific documents numerous times from my local dealerships and they’ve always been happy to provide them.

… that or just stick a cheap dollar store clock to the dash with some duck tape.

Spoken like a true Red Green fan…

The multi-display assembly must be removed to access the clock.

TRy to find a wind-up mechanical clock. The battery powered watches don’t like extreme heat of summer and the LCD does not like below freezing weather.

I would just use my watch to tell the time and paste a Pamela Anderson picture over the clock opening.

If it’s just a matter of the clock falling back into the dash you may be able to reach it with a flexible claw pickup tool. Then you could pull it back up & refasten it to the dash somehow. Looks like originally it was held in by 2 claws but you could figure out a different method I’m sure.

Doc, you’re not supposed to be promoting distracted driving.