Cruise Control

I recently purchased a 2009 Honda Civic Ex.I used the cruised control on a trip to Florida. It worked perfectly. I took a second trip to Florida and when I put on the cruise control a message on the panel showed “main cruise” and when I prewsed the set button another message appeared “cruise control”. I couldn’t find anything in the manual concerning the meaning of “main cruise”. It seems redundant to have two messages. When I questioned the service dept. they claimed that “main” did not denote maintenance. Is this correct? Can you help to clarify this matter?

If the cruise control is working I’d say don’t worry about it.

The car is still under warranty. If something stops working they will fix it. As long as everything works correctly let the message center display anything it’s programmed to display.

“Main cruise” may mean cruise control it “on,” and “cruise control” may mean you’ve engaged the cruise control.

I think you should find something else to worry about. Your car seems to be working as designed.

Move up the chain. Check with the regional Honda office.