Driving with cruise main switch on

I’m new to this website… hope someone can help me.

my 1998 Honda is having problems… won’t start sometimes when it is hot outside, just turns over and over. when I remove and replace the gas cap, seems to help, recently had sensor replaced and platinum plugs installed. someone has suggested main relay. what is this and how should i get it checked without getting the shakedown women sometimes get? does anyone have any info on recall for this particular year, have been told that there is at least one.

also, is it damaging to drive with your main cruise switch turned on, even if you are not using the cruise control?


It’s not damaging to the systems on the car to leave the cruise switch on but it is a practice that should be avoided.
While unlikely that it would happen, leaving it off could prevent the cruise from inadvertently activating and causing an accident.

The main relay can very well cause the no-start problem and I addressed the potential ignition switch recall in response to your other post on another thread.

The main fuel relay acting quirky is a common problem in Hondas of the '90s. There is no good way to test it since it only misbehaves when hot… sometimes. You might wish to replace it simply on speculation since it is a cheap part and it goes in quick and easy.

There is absolutely no problem in leaving the cruise control switch on at all times. Doing so cannot possibly cause damage to your car. It is there merely as an alleged safety device; many drivers consider it absolutely useless.

The main fuel relay (a common Honda problem) is under the dashboard. Replacing it is simply a matter of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new one. Neither difficult nor expensive.

You can leave the main cruise control switch on forever if you choose, whether you use the cruise control or not. It won’t hurt a thing.