Cruise Control Shot?


The cruise control in my hold Honda called it quits a while back and I didn’t worry about it until now, I have a 9 hr trip in the car this week and I was thinking about having it diagnosed. I was just curious what might be wrong and what I might expect to pay ?

The Light on the console and the one in the middle of the instrument cluster both come on and stay on, the car just isn’t maintaining speed, at all. As soon as I let off the gas I begin the ineviteble deceleration which will continue to a stop unless I get back on the throttle.

Anybody have any experience diagnosing these and might know what’s wrong? I just want to have a gen. idea of what is wrong before I take it to the shop because to me this isn’t worth spending alot of $$$ on, but I understand these failures are caused by “simple” things like vacuum leaks, blown fuses, connectors, etc. Thanks.


The AutoZone wiring diagram (debateable as to whether it’s accurate) shows the cruise is powered through 2 fuses. It lists both as “No. 4” with different amp ratings so it’s best to check them all.

After that I would suspect the brake switch. Many Asian cars have a metal tab on the brake pedal with a rubber pad. The spring loaded button on the switch compresses the rubber when the pedal is not is use. Over time the rubber hardens and retains the indention instead of rebounding to its original shape. This means the button does not retract as much as it should and and fools the cruise control module into thinking the brakes are applied. Gluing a metal disc on there can solve this problem.
It’s also possible the switch itself (a 2 part affair if I remember correctly) could be bad.

You could try running it down the road and setting the cruise while hooking a foot underneath the brake pedal and pulling upwards just to see if it works then. If it works then you know the problem is switch related for sure.

I don’t know if either of these is the problem or not; just speculating. Most cruise control problems are usually minor though.