Honda cruise control

Re: 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, 120,000 miles

Cruise control shuts down if car has been parked in hot sun for several hours. Can only be turned on again by turning main switch off and then on. After about an hour of driving, cruise control will work again.

Honda service has been unable to discover the cause. Can you advise or refer me to someone who can.

Thank you

How many Honda service departments have tried? I can’t think of anyone better than them to diagnose the problem. Could you try a Honda service department that you haven’t tried already?

I find the best way to diagnose hard problems like this is to tell my mechanic he has my permission to drive the car home and commute in it until the problem repeats itself. If you don’t have another mode of transportation, you might consider renting a car for a week or so while the mechanic or technician commutes in your car. Also, it would be wise to make sure the car is insured while it is out of your hands. Check with both the shop’s insurer and your insurer so you know in advance that the vehicle is covered and so you will both know who to contact if something happens to the vehicle.